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Preferred Drums & Pedal
Pearl Masters Custom Birch Studio Kit, 12”, 14”, 16” & 22” Kick (natural Lacquer)
DW maple 14 x 6” snare (10 & 6 ply)
Pearl Eliminator Pedal

Preferred Cymbals
Zildjian K Custom Dark 14” Hi-Hats
Zildjian A Custom 17” Crash
Zildjian K Medium/Thin Dark 18”Crash (I love this one, can be sensitive or a wall of noise).
Zildjian K Custom Dark 20” Ride
Sabian, HHX Oriental 17” Crash

Other Drums
Pearl SRX Maple Session Kit, 12”, 14”, 16” & 22” Kick (Sunburst)
Yamaha Maple Absolute 14 x 6.5” Snare Drum
Mapex Black Panther Steel 14 x 5.5” Snare Drum
DW Brass 14 x 5” Snare Drum

What Did I Use On The Album?
Unfortunately I had to wait so long for my Birch Pearl Masters kit to be made that I had to use my SRX Session Kit for all the recording sessions (although it did a great job of course). My DW Maple snare, which has a beautiful weighty crack that always cuts through but remains FAT. The cymbals listed above in most cases were used throughout.