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Who Do I Want to Teach?
I’ve always maintained that music is a spiritual entity and that rhythm is a fundamental part of that. I believe that music is for everyone and I am willing to teach anyone who’s young, old, female, male, novice or experienced.

I think tuition, learning & practice should be fun, not a laborious cycle of repetition. My philosophy is to bring out the character & expression in peoples playing, not to force them to play a certain way. I love to share some of the techniques and philosophies that have aided my maturing and helped me to enjoy music as much as I do. I also believe that working through songs is of paramount importance for a drummers improvement, after all that's what has worked for someone else and what will stand the test of time.

I have played all kinds of contemporary music including Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Soul, Jazz, Big Band…etc, and have experience and knowledge to teach these styles to all levels of players. I believe there’s great gain to be had by dissecting and learning songs with great drumming because that’s the stuff that actually works.

Technical Stuff
I enjoy teaching more complicated playing too. Understanding and working through different time signatures, alternate sticking patterns, different hand & feet patterns and basic to more complicated rudiments such as the wonderful flamacue....?....well, have a lesson and I'll show you what it is.

Equipment & Tuning
A drummer’s sound is essential to the character in his or her playing. This is fundamentally affected by what equipment you use & how you use and tune that equipment. I have used endless types of kits, snares, cymbals, drumheads, sticks and tuning techniques and can advise you in finding a wicked sound that’s ideal for you. I can also teach you to tune your kit to perfection.

These are very personal aspects of peoples playing, but I can help to make playing as comfortable as possible, looking at how you hold your sticks, sit on your stool and arrange your kit.

Where do I teach?

I would prefer to visit, but if that’s not possible alternative arrangements can easily be made. Give me a shout and lets get going.